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The interface is easy to operate and there is no learning curve to it. However, we will tell you about the PatchWall UI later in our Mi TV 4 Review. To make the most of the HDR content you will have to manually switch the settings to HDMI 2.

When you switch on the TV, you will be greeted by a host of content and not apps. It is met on Flipkart and you can buy the Mi TV 4 online on sale on the 22nd of February, 2018, starting 2 PM onwards. The mi led tv panel is also capable of delivering a 4K HDR cinematic experience and watching Wonderwoman on it again was as good as watching it in the el all over again. The remote connects to the TV via Bluetooth so this means that you no longer have to point the remote in a particular direction to make it function. Both 4K UHD and HDR are supported out-of-the-box. Does the Mi TV 4 print with a Soundbar. However, you will not get any VGA port along with the TV. If you are sitting at an angle beyond 45-degrees from the centre of the screen, the colours will start looking off.

The TV comes with a minimalistic remote that is compatible with all popular Indian set-top-boxes such as TataSky, DishTV and Airtel Digital TV. The design and display are surely the selling points of the device. IR Transmitter for Set Top Box The Remote Xiaomi is said to be working with providers like Netflix and Prime Video to get those apps fully available on the Mi TV 4 and that may happen soon.

MI Led TV: MI LED Smart TV Sale Is On 7th Aug, at 12 PM Exclusively On Flipkart - It's as simple to operate as your smartphone. Mi TV 4 Design Talking about one of the highlights of the display is that it is quite thin.

The Xiaomi Mi LED Smart TV 4 is a 4K set with a 55-inch frameless display. The company is banking heavily on online retail channels Flipkart and Mi. Photo: Reuters New Delhi: After taking the top spot in the Indian smartphone market, China-based electronics and software company Xiaomi on Wednesday entered a new category in India with the launch of its smart TV priced at Rs39,999. The model that was launched here was the Mi LED Smart TV 4, a 4K set with a 55-inch frame-less display. Manu Jain, managing director of Xiaomi India. The share of smartphones sold online was just 10%... Also, the share of smart TVs is very small in overall TV sales. The way that we disrupted the smartphone market three years ago, today we want to disrupt the TV market. The Mi LED Smart TV 4, which will be sold from 22 February, comes integrated with over 500,000 hours of content from video-on-demand providers. The company is banking heavily on online channels — Flipkart, Mi. TV requires a different kind of retail; our existing retail channels are small. Even from a logistics perspective, it is different to smartphones. Some are not designed for Indian conditions. For example, smart scooters given Indian road conditions, are unsafe. We would not want to launch it unless we customise it for Indian road conditions. If we were to import smart scooters, given the import duty the price will be double. Given all these things, not every product that we have in China, we can bring here. Apart from the TV, Xiaomi on Wednesday also launched two smartphones—the Redmi Note 5 starting at Rs9,999 and Redmi Note 5 Pro starting at Rs13,999.